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If you're a little confused on what's going on, don't worry - you're not alone. :-)

Tanya Stevens and Gregg Kriehble are independent comic book creators who do a monthly book called "The Case Files of Vince Posthumous, Solar Detective". Tanya writes the scripts and handles the business dealings; Gregg does all the art and the layout. They have a studio (Studio Unseen) that serves as both home and office. Much of the action takes place there. Two other residents of Studio Unseen are Elvis, Tanya's French-speaking cat, and Rasputin, the extra-bitter stoat; the two pets have formed a solid alliance with the aim of bedeviling their owners and gaining control of the refrigerator.

A good portion of their time is spent going to various conventions, whether it is to be staff, to be guests, or to be part of a mystery-solving coterie. Thankfully, the latter only happens occasionally. More often than not, their friends will accompany them to the cons so that they don't feel overwhelmed. The core group of friends consists of Kyle Park, a gamer who's got mad skillz with electronics, Julie Hark, costumer, anime convert, and purveyor of caffeine, Jack Van Doren, an inventor with an inadvertent talent for destruction, and Lana Cartwright, Tanya's college roommate and Gregg's long-time nemesis. Recently, Tanya and Gregg added Simon Hawkins to the Studio Unseen staff; Simon is their webmaster and does occasional background work on the comic.

There's also been a problem with penguins. Lots and lots of penguins. However, that seems to be resolved now and the group is now facing the problems of love, marriage, and what constitutes a proper china pattern.

Though most of the strips deal with Tanya and Gregg, you'll sometimes see other arcs. We've covered various holidays, releases of films we like, convention recovery days (though very few of those), and images Barb can't get out of her head. There are also sections of the Vince Posthumous book and episodes of Julie's favorite anime, "Librarian Clash Asuka!" We've also got two print collections out, Summertime Brews and The Winter of Our Discontent; if you go here, you can find out more about them. :D

Got any other questions? Feel free to contact us - we're reachable via e-mail, through the forum, and on LiveJournal. (There's an FG community and Barb has a blog. Chris also has a blog, but steadfastly refuses to use it.)


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