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Fan Art

Dig it -- we've got fan art! Now that we have a few submissions, we leave it to you, our loyal readers, to make sure that the icons below are not left bereft and alone. Follow the guidelines below and pelt us with art!

Here are a few guidelines:

Format: please send art in standard file formats. Chris can bend them to his will and make them fit on the server.

Content: My mom reads this comic. Please don't send anything that you wouldn't want my mom to see.

With those two things out of the way, please send all submissions to Chris

More as more occurs,


Writer, joker, wielder of spear

Fragile Gravity's LiveJournal Area
You can get to it at Anonymous posting is allowed (if you don't feel like joining LJ), but we do track IP addresses.

by Ashley Roberts

Secret Santa `03
by Robin Meyer

White Mage
by Geidi Prime

Never Looked Better
by Bryan Prindiville

White Mage
by Jerry Conner

by Lisa Francis

by J.J. Kelley

Penguin Attack 1
by Nick Killewald

Penguin Attack 2
by Chris Paluszek

Penguin Attack 3
by Zach Weiner

by Chris Johnson

Nigel Maxwell
by Diana Logg




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